Grain Belt Express (GBE) "Clean Line" is a PROPOSED High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line, approximately 750-miles long, which would stretch from western Kansas eastward across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. What this means to those of us along this proposed route is that Clean Line Energy wants to put towers and powerlines across the countryside, right outside our doors, where we work and where our children play. The developer of this project, Clean Line Energy Partners, claims that cheap, clean energy will be provided to you along with promises of thousands of jobs as well as large sums of money for the local economy in the form of taxes. However, do not be fooled by these empty claims and false promises. Their intent is to obtain regulatory approval and public utility status in each affected state, which could mean that you will be forced to sell easements or have your land condemned through Eminent Domain. Eminent Domain is normally used by government(s) when necessary to obtain private property for "public use or benefit" when owners do not voluntarily sell. However, Clean Line is a private, FOR Profit Corporation, not a government agency. NONE of the electricity transported through these lines will be produced in Missouri, and although Clean Line has talked about offering some electricity to eastern parts of Missouri, they have no contracts or commitments to do so. Since no public use or benefit in northern Missouri exists, and only very minimal benefit may be experienced in eastern Missouri, condemning property and placing the entire burden on landowners across the state, simply to transport electricity to other states, cannot be justified. Therefore, this plan must be STOPPED.

"BLOCK Grain Belt Express - Missouri" is an effort by people just like you, working hard to stop this project from proceeding. In order to move to the construction phase, GBE must obtain permits from the public utility commissions of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.   In addition, the project must go through numerous studies by regional grid authorities to ensure GBE’s proposal does not cause reliability issues.  Grain Belt Express must also negotiate rates with potential customers to determine if this project is financially feasible.  Only after all these hurdles have been overcome would the project move forward with construction.  We can stop this project!

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